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We understand your curiosity about our services and how our platform operates. Don't hesitate to explore our Frequently Asked Questions for further insights.


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What exactly is and its primary function? offers bespoke animated festive eCards tailored for businesses of all sizes and industries. Each eCard design is exclusive to your company and meticulously crafted by our professional graphic designers and animators to meet your specifications. Our team excels in delivering fully storyboarded and customized eCard animations that artfully convey your company's identity, highlight its strengths, and seamlessly align with your branding and broader marketing strategies.

Moreover, our Ready-to-Send platform provides flexibility in how your team sends out electronic greetings. Simply inform us of your preferences, including different credentials for various departments or teams, the number of eCards to be sent, and the customization options you'd like to offer your team. We are here to accommodate your specific needs.


What is the eCard file format created by

Our eCard files are crafted in HTML5 format, ensuring compatibility with the latest versions of commonly used web browsers for seamless viewing.


Could you clarify the pricing structure for services?

Our service pricing is contingent on the complexity of your project brief. You have the option to enlist our comprehensive services, spanning eCard storyboard and layout design to animation development, or simply utilize our Ready-to-Send eCard Platform for sending your own eCard. Our team is enthusiastic to learn more about your eGreeting project's requirements, so please feel free to get in touch with us.


How can I reach out to the support team for assistance or inquiries?

For answers to your inquiries, please refer to this FAQs page, or you can contact us by completing the online form on our Contact Us page.

Our dedicated customer team is available Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 pm (GMT+8). We strive to respond to all requests received during business hours within 2 working days. Please note that response times for emails sent during weekends or public holidays may be extended.

Ordering eCards

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What is the process for placing an order for eCards?

You can submit your eCard project brief through our Contact Us form, email, or reach us by phone at +852.2622.2850.

Our dedicated customer support team operates Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+8). We strive to address all inquiries received during business hours within 2 working days. Please note that response times for emails sent on weekends or during public holidays may be extended.


Once I've placed my order, what is the expected production lead time?

Once we receive your signed quotation or purchase order, our team will initiate the production of your eCard. The artwork layout and storyboard will be shared with you for your review and feedback. Typically, this initial phase takes approximately 2 to 3 calendar weeks from project commencement. Following your input, we anticipate about 3 calendar weeks, including approximately 2 rounds of revisions, to reach the design confirmation stage.

Upon design confirmation, our animation team will take over, and the duration of animation development typically spans around 4 calendar weeks, depending on the complexity of the animation. Please note that during peak seasons, animation development may require additional time.


Is it possible to select a different eCard file format other than HTML5?

Our eCard files are created and delivered in HTML5 format, ensuring compatibility with the latest versions of commonly used web browsers. If you require your eCard to be converted into animated GIF and MP4 video formats, please don't hesitate to inform us when you place your order. We are here to accommodate your preferences and needs.


If our team has already created our own eCard, can we simply subscribe to the Ready-to-Send eCard Platform?

Absolutely, you have the option to subscribe to our Ready-to-Send eCard Platform with either your static or animated eCard. Our team will work closely with you to configure the platform according to your preferences. This can include setting up different credentials for various departments, determining the number of eCards you require, and incorporating specific customization options to ensure it aligns perfectly with your needs.


If our team has designed our eCard's artwork and storyboard, can we engage' services to convert it into an animated eCard?

Certainly, our animation team is more than willing to provide animation development services based on the artwork and storyboard you provide. All you need to do is supply us with the layered Illustrator (.ai) file and provide us with the specifics of your animation requirements. Our dedicated team will take it from there, bringing your vision to life with captivating animation.


If our team possesses our own eCard sending platform, is it possible to engage' services to create an animated eCard for our own dispatch?

Certainly, if your team has its own eCard sending platform, you can use it to send the static or animated eCard we've created for you. Just make sure that the dimensions of the eCard align with what your platform supports. Please inform us of the specific dimensions, and our team will develop the eCard accordingly to ensure a seamless integration with your platform.


Are we able to provide our own background music for the eCards?

Absolutely, you have the option to provide your own background music for your eCard instead of selecting from our list. It's important to ensure that you have obtained the necessary rights and permissions to use the chosen music in your eCard. This way, you can personalize your eCard with music that aligns perfectly with your message and branding.

Sending eCards

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Do the sending quotas we purchase come with an expiration date?

Unless otherwise specified, the sending quotas on will expire in accordance with the service end date of the festival or occasion for which your order is intended. This ensures that your sending quotas remain relevant and aligned with the timing of your eCard campaigns.


What email address will the recipient see when they receive an eCard notification?

By default, our platform uses the standard email address to send eCard notifications. However, the sender's email address will be utilized in the "Reply-to" header of these notifications, enabling recipients to directly reply to you by clicking the "Reply" button.

We also offer the option to use your company's domain name as your account's standard sender email domain. To set this up, please inform us when you place your order. This configuration can be established by integrating your company's SMTP server (requiring connection information for setup on our platform) or using the SMTP server with SPF/DKIM setup. We are prepared to collaborate with your IT team to facilitate this configuration based on your preferences. Feel free to contact us for further details and initiate the setup process.


Can I upload a recipients list for sending the eCard?

Yes, you can upload a .xlsx file containing the list of recipients for sending eCards. Please download our .xlsx spreadsheet template in your sending eCard account to get started. This template can be opened and edited using Microsoft Excel. You can type or paste your contacts into the template. Once you have completed, save your file as a .xlsx file, and you are ready to upload your recipient list.

Please do not change the template column header, as the spreadsheet will not be uploaded correctly if it is different from the template.


How many recipients can I send my eCard to?

The ability to send eCards is contingent upon the number of sending quotas specified in the quotation or contract that we've agreed upon with your team. As long as your account has unused quotas available, you can continue to send eCards. If you find that you need additional sending quotas, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll assist you in purchasing the necessary quotas to meet your requirements.


What steps should I follow to schedule an eCard for sending at a later date?

You have the option to schedule your eCard to be sent on a future date, as long as it falls on or before the service end date of the festival or occasion specified in your order. To schedule a future send date, simply modify the default send date on the send page to your desired date. Once submitted, your eCard will be queued for sending on the date you've specified. However, please note that you won't be able to specify the exact hour and minute for the eCard to be dispatched from the system.


Once scheduled, am I able to make edits to the eCard or adjust the scheduled sending time?

Once you've scheduled your eCard for the send queue on your chosen sending date, it's important to note that you won't have the ability to edit the eCard or modify the scheduled sending. Therefore, please make sure that all the content and details of your eCard are accurate and final before scheduling it for sending.


Is it feasible to use my own email address as the sender for eCard notification emails?

You are not able to change the sender name or the email subject of the eCard notification email. However, your email address will be used as the "Reply-to" header, meaning that recipients can directly reply to you when they click "Reply" within the eCard notification email.


Is there an option to have a customized email template for sending eCards?

Certainly, our team is prepared to create a custom eCard notification email template exclusively for your team if you prefer not to use our standard template. Please indicate your preference when placing your order, and we will ensure that your eCard notification emails reflect your unique branding and messaging. We are here to accommodate your specific requirements and provide a personalized experience for your eCard recipients.


How can I access and obtain the bounce back records for sent eCards?

The bounce back notifications generated by recipients' email servers can be configured to be sent to a designated email address. By default, our email server is set as the recipient for bounce back notifications, and we consolidate the records to provide you with a bounce back report. Please note that individual bounce back messages will not be provided in this report.

If you prefer to use a designated email address from your team to receive all bounce back notifications for eCards sent from your account, please inform our team when placing your order. However, it's important to note that using this method will not generate the bounce back report from our email server. We are flexible and can accommodate your preferred setup to ensure you receive bounce back notifications as per your requirements.

Receiving eCards

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For how long will the eCard I receive remain accessible for viewing?

The eCard will remain valid for viewing on for a period of 60 calendar days from the date of eCard delivery. The specific expiration date will also be clearly indicated in the eCard notification email. This ensures that recipients have ample time to access and enjoy the eCard within the provided timeframe.


I'm experiencing difficulties with emails not appearing in my inbox; is there a way to address this?

There are various factors that can prevent you from receiving emails in your inbox. Here are some examples:

  • A sender may have made a typo when entering your email address.
  • Your email server could be temporarily down.
  • Your inbox may be full and unable to accept more messages.
  • You might have previously reported an email as spam.
  • Your email server settings may have blocked our messages.
  • You may have unsubscribed your email address from receiving emails from a specific sender at
  • You may have unsubscribed your email address from receiving all eCards from

If you wish to resubscribe your email address or need assistance with any email delivery issues, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you.


How can I respond to or interact with an eCard that I've received?

To reply to the sender, you can simply click on the "Reply" button within the email notification you received. This will open a new message and allow you to compose and send a reply directly from your email account.


Is there anything my company can do to prevent our email system from filtering out emails sent from

To ensure that email communications are not classified as spam and are properly delivered within corporate email servers with high-security settings, please consider sharing the following information with your IT department or Network Operations team. They can adjust the email server settings accordingly:

Email addresses to be added to the email server safe list:


IP addresses for our various sending servers to be added to the email server safe list:


By adding these email addresses and IP addresses to the safe list, you can help ensure that email communications are not blocked or classified as spam, allowing for smooth and reliable delivery within your corporate email infrastructure.


If I wish to stop receiving emails from, what options are available?

If you wish to stop receiving emails from, you can unsubscribe using the link provided at the bottom of the email you received or through the link located at the bottom of our website.

You will have the following options:

  • Unsubscribe from marketing and promotional emails.
  • Block eCards from a specific sender at
  • Block all eCards from

To access the sender's email address from the eCard notification email you received, simply click on "Reply," and then you can copy the sender's email address for reference.

Platform and Account Settings

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Does the sending platform support the use of non-English characters?

Our sending platform fully supports non-English characters, which means you can compose your greeting messages in the language that you and your recipients are most comfortable with. This flexibility allows you to send personalized messages in various languages, ensuring that your eCards effectively communicate your sentiments to a diverse audience.


Is it feasible to utilize our own domain to host the eCard system?

Yes, your team can use your own domain as the URL address for the Ready-to-Send eCard platform. We are fully prepared to assist in configuring this with your IT team to ensure a seamless integration. Please inform us of your preference when placing your order, and we will work closely with your team to set up the platform with your custom domain. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to accommodate your specific requirements.


Is it possible to have multiple accounts for accessing the 'Ready-to-Send' eCard Platform?

Generally, each company has one "Ready-to-Send" eCard platform sending account as the standard setting. However, suppose your team requires multiple sending accounts with the option to either share the pool of sending quotas or have individual quotas set. In that case, we are fully capable of configuring this for you. Additionally, you can have different default sender preferences for each of these multiple accounts. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details, and we will work with you to customise the setup to meet your specific needs. 


Will ever sell my personal data or the email addresses of my recipients?

Rest assured, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. We will not sell or disclose your email address to any other websites or third parties. uses your email address solely for the purpose of managing your account and delivering your eCards to the recipients you've chosen. When you send eCards, we will not utilize your recipients' email addresses for any other purposes aside from delivering your eCards.

We recognize that privacy for both senders and receivers is integral to the quality of our services. You can review our detailed Privacy Policy for further information on how we handle your data and ensure your privacy is maintained.


What specific information is included in the "Account Usage Report"?

We are able to provide you with the account usage report if it is covered with the contract or quotation we agreed. It offers a comprehensive summary of your eCard campaign's sending activity. Each record in the report includes the following details: 

  • Sender's Email Address
  • Recipient's Email Address (Masked for privacy)
  • eCard Delivery Timestamp
  • eCard Open and View Status

This report provides valuable insights into the performance and engagement of your eCard campaign, helping you gauge the effectiveness of your communications and the level of recipient engagement. 

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