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The Creasant Innovision team believes there is no limit to what one can achieve with the right technologies. We are no longer in the era where Information Technology supported business; digital transformation is the actual business. This is why our team is dedicated to sourcing, developing and providing technological solutions and platforms for businesses and individuals. Our work aims to offer our customers speed, ease and efficiency, helping them to achieve the best possible outcome.

Founded in 2009, we introduced our electronic greeting solutions to drive the business forward. The Creasant Innovision team is dedicated to building long-term mutual trust and sustainable business value partnerships. We began developing a solid team of developers and designers to help service a growing base of clients, many of which are well-known Hong Kong, regional or global household names.

From 2021, our "Electronic Greeting as a Service" solution has enjoyed sustained growth and development, enabling stronger solutions and more profound knowledge across technologies. We continue to work across the public and private sectors, as the impact on either side will create value for the other.

At Creasant Innovision, we are passionate about assisting a wide range of corporates and enterprises in growing, boosting their technology stack and advancing their technology journey.


To provide platforms with technological solutions for businesses and individuals


  • To stay ahead of our competitors by constantly learning, improving, innovating and enhancing our platforms
  • To never settle for less by continuously striving for perfection in the services and solutions we offer
  • To equip and support our clients with technological solutions through the provision of our platforms
  • To partner with business associates and partners to jointly provide high-quality services and solutions for our clients

Our Affiliate Partner

Our affiliate partner since 2009, Creasant Digital Limited, is an Information Technology (IT) software development company offering a complete suite of IT services and solutions. They serve a wide range of corporates and enterprises, helping them maneuver and thrive in this rapidly changing business world, where IT is an indispensable element to success.

Their services include digital transformation consultancy, website design, mobile application development, online marketing, banner Ad creation, corporate identity and branding. Learn more about Creasant Digital on how they can help improve your business agility and tap into your full potential.

Creasant Digital
eCard Design Showcase

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