Christmas eCard


Wilson Group Limited


Wilson Group is a renowned enterprise in Hong Kong's transportation infrastructure industry, with a remarkable three-decade presence. Their diverse services include parking facilities, toll roads, technology solutions, smart mobility, and facility management.

Our team adopted a captivating cartoon-style approach for Wilson Group's Christmas eCard, enhancing the level of detail and commercial appeal compared to the previous year. The animation features a vibrant colour palette, adding a touch of richness to the visuals. To effectively showcase the extensive scope of Wilson Group's services, we designed an engaging narrative where the viewer, represented as a car owner - symbolising Wilson Group's wide customer base, interacts with locations displayed on a smartphone screen. As the blue car steadily advances, various facilities representing Wilson Group's services emerge in the background. The animation concludes by returning to the car owner's smartphone screen, creating a seamless connection and conveying heartfelt wishes for a splendid Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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