Christmas eCard


Northcroft Hong Kong Limited


Northcroft is a reputable surveying company that has overseen numerous major construction projects in Hong Kong.

Northcroft's Christmas eCards consistently capture the essence of Victoria Harbour, with its picturesque views serving as the central theme. In recent years, the graceful presence of deer has gracefully guided the unfolding narrative.

In this year's mesmerising animation, a luminous white deer gracefully leaps, conjuring a radiant Christmas tree that emerges triumphantly from beneath the ground. Accompanied by a splendid fireworks display, the majestic structures adorning Victoria Harbour come alive, illuminating the surroundings in a captivating dance of lights. Serenely poised, the white deer finds its place beside the heartfelt "Merry Christmas" greeting. Symbolising Northcroft's integral role, akin to this resplendent creature, it remains an indispensable catalyst, orchestrating the completion of Hong Kong's architectural marvels.

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