Christmas eCard


Eastwood Consultants Limited


Established in 2000, Eastwood Consultants Limited (Eastwood Consultants) specialises in Executive Search & General Recruitment across Greater China and Asia Regions. As a search specialist, it offers decision-makers unmatched resources to recruit high-performing individuals capable of driving substantial growth and profitability for their organisations.

Green represents the corporate identity of Eastwood Consultants, which is reflected in this eCard through its vibrant green background. In the centre, a Christmas tree takes shape with white dots, gradually adorned with illuminated colourful Christmas objects, filling it up individually. The upper half of the tree then reveals two greeting messages as the Christmas objects are removed. Lastly, at the bottom-left corner, a page-turning motion lifts the paper's corner, unveiling the Eastwood company logo. This eCard captures the spirit of Christmas lights, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere for everyone to celebrate the festive season and welcome the New Year.

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