Christmas eCard


Cathay Pacific Services Limited


Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) operates the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. Together with Hong Kong Airport Services (HAS) and Vogue Laundry Services (VLS), CPSL is a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways.

This year, we have once again crafted a captivating Christmas eCard for CPSL, showcasing in a distinctive picture book style and accentuating key moments of their business. Set on a magical Christmas Eve, the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal shines with festive lights while diligent cargo trucks continue their deliveries. Each cargo container glows like a vibrant neon sign as dedicated staff oversees the efficient unloading of goods from the awaiting plane. Simultaneously, a lady returning to Hong Kong for a holiday, gazes out of her window as the aircraft prepares to touch down. She is pleasantly astonished by the mesmerising sight of seven CPSL cargo trucks forming a magnificent Christmas tree pattern on the airport grounds. Every cargo container has transformed into a luminous beacon, turning the scene into a resplendent display of colours. It is our utmost pleasure to assist CPSL in conveying their heartfelt holiday wishes with this uniquely enchanting eCard.

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