CNY eCard


Cathay Pacific Services Limited


Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) operates the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. Together with Hong Kong Airport Services (HAS) and Vogue Laundry Services (VLS), CPSL is a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways.

For this year's Chinese New Year eCard, CPSL showcases dancing lions and rats, symbolizing good luck and prosperity, while highlighting HAS and Vogue Laundry. The animation begins with three rats performing a lively lion dance at Vogue Laundry, joined by the employees. They continue their vibrant parade to the service counter of Hong Kong Airport Ground Services, where the ground staff enthusiastically joins the celebration. The procession then moves to Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, where CPSL employees unite with the lion dance team. Finally, the lion dance procession reaches a hill overlooking Victoria Harbour, celebrating with beautiful fireworks, and extending wishes of success and fortune to all residents of Hong Kong.

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