CNY eCard


Cathay Pacific Catering Services Limited


Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS) is the principal airline caterer in Hong Kong and one of the largest flight kitchens in the World. Working in partnership with some 50 international airlines, CPCS can supply more than 30 million meals a year.

CPCS aims to add liveliness and entertainment to this year's New Year greetings for its customers and partners. Alongside the inflight meals, our team has helped incorporate vibrant New Year elements such as the God of Wealth, symbolising good fortune, and the hardworking chefs who prepare the delicious meals behind the scenes at CPCS. The CPCS chef starts by extending warm New Year greetings to the audience and then proudly presents a lavish New Year feast on an airline meal tray. With a playful sniff, the chef highlights the irresistible aroma and appeal of the food. As the New Year meal tray is delivered to the Cathay Pacific aircraft, the God of Wealth seated in the cabin delights in the meal, and with each bite, magical gold coins appear, symbolising the continuous flow of wealth.

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