Christmas eCard


Chiaphua Components Group


Chiaphua Components Group (CCG) is an esteemed provider of electric motors, actuator systems, transaxles, and controls. Renowned as the global leader in delivering top-of-the-line electric motors, CCG sought to showcase its diverse range of products through its captivating Christmas eCard.

This year, CCG's Christmas eCard maintains a deep blue background colour with their logo while using white text and white line patterns throughout to create a clean and premium look, highlighting the company's brand identity. The design concept begins with a spherical shape composed of white line patterns. When the play button is clicked, it transforms into a square shape and gradually reduces some patterns to form the CCG logo. Finally, the white CCG logo is officially revealed. The design incorporates various home appliances, large-scale electric products that require motor drives, as well as actual photographs of motors.

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